Frank Noise & The Logs of Wood

The improvisational music consortium from  Minneapolis Minnesota has been making music without benefit of charts  or sheet music since 1969.  Except when they draw charts in a notation that no one has learned how to read yet, but they learn fast and will teach themselves how to read the charts and graphs on the spot without lessons from anybody, which many professional symphony orchestra musicians are not prepared to do. Is Frank Noise a person? Not a real person, but get a few real persons and they add up to one fake person you can call by one name. Or maybe “frank noise” really means “candid sound” but is confusing because it also looks like a person’s name. In any event, there are a lot of people in this town who have already made plans to see their performances, which is not so much like a regular hootenanny but rather more like watching time lapse photography of flowers growing or clouds condensing and vaporizing.