Was it Wild Man Fisher singing Strauss

Was it Andre Segovia doing "Time won't let me"

Was it the Magic Band playing "Tabula Rasa"

Was it Giacinto Scelsi rendition of Slim Harpo's "King Bee"

Was it Monk riffing on Hamsa el Din's "Water Wheel"

Was it Don Cherry playing falsetto on "Incense and Peppermints"

Was it Charles Valentin Alkan pounding out Willie Dixon's "29 Ways"

Was it Little Walter's "Mellow Down Easy" coming out of Manitas De Plata's guitar

Was it the Morton Feldman / Sunny Murray duet sessions

Was it Gene Vincent, Jerry Vale and Narvel Felts trioizing John Cage's "Water Music"

Was it Ferlin Husky and Evan Parker recording in the closet

Was it Beefheart singing Web Pierce's "There Stands the Glass"

Was it Jessie Fuller and Mance Lipscomb performing Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher"

Was it Lola Bertran scatting to Coleman Hawkin's "Body and Soul"

Was it Dave Ray playing Harry Partch's "Revelations in the Courthouse Park" on 12 string

Was it Albert Ayler playing Eric Satie's Gymnopedie number 1 while simultaneously explaining the when Satie was introduced to the famous 'Chat Noir' cabaret in 1887, he did not want to be classified as a musician, so he declared himself to be a Gymnopediste, though nobody was sure what it meant. It is thought he got the name from a poem by Latour, which mentions 'gymnopedia' - describing them as naked Spartan dancing girls2. He relished the confusion that his title caused, and used it as the title for three piano pieces for this reason.

Was it Anthony Braxton and Steve lacy dropping acid and playing in the woods together

Was it the Pauline Oliveros / Elvin Jones big band playing Sibelius's "Roaring a Wave Rushes"

Was it Giuseppi Logan soloing on Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried"

Was it Frank trapped in the Dogpound